martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

Sport and leisure

swimming: natación

pool: piscina

swimming costume: bañador para chica

trunks: bañador para chico

boxing: boxeo

ring: ring

gloves: guantes

ice hockey: hockey sobre hielo

sticks: palos

skiing: esquí

ski slopes: pendientes

ski suit: traje de esquí

ski boots: botas de esquí

Sport and leisure

athletics : atletismo

track : pista


shorts: pantalones cortos

running shoes: tenis para carrera

motor racing: automovilismo

circuit: circuito

helmet: casco

lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

Parts of the mobile

1 — Power button:botón de encendido

2 — Headset connector:conector del auricular

3 — Earpiece:auricular

4 —Scroll key:rueda de desplazamiento

5 — Selection key: tecla de selección

6 — Call key:tecla de llamada

7 — Microphone: micrófono

8 — Keypad: teclado

9 — End key:tecla para colgar

10 — Selection key:tecla de selección

11 — Light sensor:sensor de luz

12 — Secondary camera: cámara secundaria.

Illness and the Doctor











 -She got a hearing-aid:  Ella se puso un audífono.

-She had no appetite: Ella no tiene apetito.

-She was a bit deaf: Ella era un poco sorda.

-She was short-sighed: Ella era corta de vista.

-She went on a diet: Ella está a dieta.

-She had a headache: Ella tiene dolor de cabeza

-She cut down on cigarettes: Ella va a dejar los cigarrillos.

-She took it easy: Tomárselo con calma.

-I think I´ve broken my leg: Creo que tengo la pierna rota.

-I´m always tired: Yo siempre estoy cansado.

-I´m smoking too much: Estoy fumando demasiado.

-I´ve got flu: Tengo gripe.


Teacher (primary school) : important organization is seeking and energetic person to work full-time. We ofter a very demandind position for someone willing to interact with children. Patience and a strong sense of reponsibility are required.

Secretary: have excellent organizational and communication skills and the ability to work under pressure. Must be proficient with Windows environment PC and Microsoft Office. Ability to speak Spanish and French will be an added advantage. Competitive base salary with full benefits.

Civil enginess: An efficent person required immediately to manage a project in designing and building structures for important clients in the public and private sectors. Heavy construction experience with roads and bridges is required. Salary is not a contraint for the right candidates.

Shop assistant: We are lloking for people who show willingness to work hard and who are ambitious to earn good money working in a grear environment.

Photographer: Looking for a passionate individual who can provide captivating portraits of reality. Creative freedom and own schedule. Must be able to travel regularly.

Hairdresser: A stylish person interested in advancing your career in the beauty industry.

Lowyer: An established firm is looking for a skilled professional to join our team on a full-time basis to give legal support to top corporations and banks. Financial background is a plus. Challenging assignments and competitive compensation. All applicants must have inmediate availability.

jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

Energy crisis and energy alternatives

Non- renewable energy sources
  • e.g. fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) and nuclear energy (uranium, putonium)
  • Takes a long time to form (e.g. millions of years)
  • Cannot be reused
  • Cheap
  • Readily available
  • Efficient
  • Multipurpose (e.g. oil for cars, heating)

  • Running out
  • Polluting or radioactive
Energias no renovables: carbón, petróleo, gas natural...
Llevan un largo tiempo en formarse, no pueden ser reusadas. Son baratas, estan disponibles, eficaces y multiusos. Como desventaja: se agotan y son contaminantes.

Renewable Energy sources

  • e.g. biomass, solar, wind, wave, tidal, hydroelectric, geothermal
  • Takes a shorter tiem to form (e.g. decade or two)
  • Can be reused or is very abundant

  • Won't run out
  • Environmentally friendly

  • Geographically selected
  • Inefficient

Energías renovables: el viento, el sol, las olas, la marea, energía hidroelectrica, geotérmica...
Llevan un tiempo corto en formarse, una o dos décadas. Pueden ser reutilizadas y son muy abundantes. No se agotan, son respetuosas con el medio ambiente.
Son ineficientes.

Enviroment: medio ambiente


Sunlight: luz solar

Oil, coal. : aceite, carbón.

Polluting: contaminación

Waves: ondas

Tide: marea

Strong: fuerte

Cane: caña

Earth: tierra




Mud: fango

Water: agua

Cooking: cocinar

Dam: pantano

Out: fuera
Cheap: barato
Generate: generar
New: nuevo
Energy: energia
Years: años
Burnt: quemado